As a high-quality clothing manufacturer, Freed & Freed is the right partner for branded clothing manufacturing, private label manufacturing, contract manufacturing and import manufacturing.


Production of high quality garments. Providing a wide range of apparel for both men and women.


Long known for creating ladies & men’s fine apparel, FREED combines a vast knowledge of tailored goods and outerwear with innovation and technology, resulting in a brand that embodies quality and luxury.


Women’s & Men’s fine apparel - a luxurious heritage collection.


Freed & Freed International - full service offerings for local and international clients.


+ Meet Vera

Vera is an organized and product-driven buyer and fashion consultant, tasked with developing and driving seasonal strategies in adherence to popular trends, and financial goals.

+ What's next?

For Vera time is precious; she has championed the success of small to large sized retail and fashion businesses internationally by having a keen eye for perceived value, on trend and quality driven product.

+ Why Freed?

Our clients gain immediate access to our vast resources, knowledge and expertise together with our enormous archive of product . At Freed & Freed International, we know that it can be a challenge to find a reliable and consistent partner for apparel production. We have the resources and partnerships to meet the needs of clients from branded goods, to private label production.


+ Meet Sarah Jessica

Armed with a degree in fashion design and marketing, Sarah Jessica is on top of the latest industry trends and standards, has had access to resources, made invaluable contacts and has received lots of positive feedback on her designs. She gained useful experience with product development in the corporate world where she had some creative freedom but realized she can do so much more for the fashion world. After great success with her first collection, Sarah Jessica is ready to perfect her vision and position herself in top retailers.

+ What's next?

Erin knows that adapting her vision to her brand and meeting requirements in the industry will be key to her success as an independent designer.

+ Why Freed?

Success when starting a new fashion collection or brand requires an investment of time and effort that should not be taken lightly. Starting with an idea, Freed & Freed International will provide guidance on fabrications, trims and construction of garments for production purposes that bring a concept to life. From design to manufacturing.


+ Meet Alexander

As a wholesaler in fashion, Alexander keeps an eye on new and up and coming brands and must analyze the buying habits and preferences of retailers both on line and in store. Alexander represents a firm known internationally for selling superior quality, stylish and original products to high-end retailers.

+ What's next?

Alexander maintains a strong role at the center of buying by and making a name in the industry for new brands and identifying the markets needs and desires.

+ Why Freed?

Freed & Freed International is a professional garment house specializing in outerwear for almost 100 years. The history of the company and attention to quality and detail cannot be matched.


“We have worked with Freed and Freed for a number of years now, and I cannot deliver enough praise for the team, both on a personal and a professional level. A breath of fresh air in the apparel manufacturing industry, Freed consistently delivers the highest quality product on-time, on-budget, and above expectation. In my 20 years in clothing industry, I've rarely come across anyone I trust to go to bat for me the way I trust Marissa Freed; she and her team get it done!"

Shawn Hewson
President, Bustle Clothing Inc.

“We have developed a great partnership with Freed & Freed over the last few years. Their dedication to our product is evident in all aspects of our work together; from initial concept brainstorming sessions, to timely delivery. We appreciate their attention to detail, creative/collaborative approach to every project, and their amazing quality. Great vendor, great product! “


“Freed and Freed worked closely with our team to manufacture our newest outerwear collection. It is extremely important that our products are manufactured in Canada with the highest quality standards. From pattern-making to the finished product Freed and Freed worked hard on the product development process. They produced our parkas on time, efficiently and we are beyond happy with the quality and partnership we’ve created. Our customers have nothing but positive feedback on the quality of the parkas. Thank you Freed and Freed!”

"The capabilities of the Freed factory are far beyond what I had expected. They have helped me from start to finish on many projects that I didn't think were possible and I'm very impressed to call them one of my suppliers."

Peros Garment Factory.

“Freed and Freed is a great Vendor source for trend-right products at a great price. We used them to develop Contemporary-Active outerwear but really can make any product. The team was very flexible and knowledgeable about fabrics and production, resulting in some amazing pieces that helped elevate our assortment.”





Join us in celebrating as Freed & Freed International acknowledges 100 years of industry experience and innovation.


Freed & Freed International is a full service apparel manufacturer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We have 100 years of experience in sourcing, designing and developing products.



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