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About Us


Growing up in the garment industry was something that shaped who I have become. Having children changed my priorities. Adopting a rescue dog taught me to be more conscious of animal welfare. I designed my first piece of clothing at the age of 13. I visited my first fabric market a decade later. I was hooked. Fast forward many years (more than I choose to share!) I have found what feeds my soul and paired it with my acquired lifetime of knowledge growing up in the shmata business. An outerwear line tuned to the needs of the changing world with a focus on zero waste. It has been 100 years in the making. Choose what speaks to you, what celebrates your individuality, what will elevate you and #beFREED.

- Marissa Freed


Marissa inherited her father’s business sense, tenacity, and inability to be anything but honest (and somewhat stubborn). You should see them when they get in a room together. Which is what happened in 2009, when Stephen was deciding where to take Freed & Freed.

Continuing the Legacy

A shrewd businessman, he refused to compromise quality, integrity, or an ethical workforce. This they could agree on. With her MBA, love of design and commitment to sustainable production, Marissa did the unexpected. She turned down a job teaching fashion in California and took the reins.

Today, Freed & Freed is 85% female-led with approximately 100 unionized employees, continuing a legacy of high-quality, locally made apparel. 

In 2020, Marissa launched the FREED collection of luxury vegan and cruelty-free outerwear.